Stingray Bag Genuine Stingray Handbag Shoulder Bags for Women


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Our stingray bag is a unique and elegant accessory that showcases the beauty of stingray leather. This leather obtained from the belly of the ray, where the skin has a natural pattern of small pearls. The leather is durable, water-resistant and soft to the touch. And then our stingray bag comes in various colors to suit your preferences and needs.


  • Made with real stingray skin
  • Size approximately: 30*21*cm
  • Lining: Excellent cowhide from Italy
  • Exotic beautiful genuine stingray leather with silver-toned hardware
  • Long removable and attachable shoulder strap which can be as cross body bag
  • Inside zip and patch multi function pockets imported soft and durable calfskin leather lining
  • Every stingray bag is unique because it made from the original stingray leather, not from the embossing pattern cow leather.

Stingray Bag for Women

Surely Our stingray bag made with real stingray leather. We source our leather from the underside of the ray, which has a distinctive appearance of tiny beads. The beads are larger and more prominent in the center of the skin, forming the eye or crown. The leather undergoes a tanning and sanding process that enhances its natural shine, softness and color. Since each skin has its own unique texture and variation, making every piece of jewellery or accessory we create from it truly special.

Stingray Bag for Women

Womens Stingray Bag with Adjustable Strap

Genuine polished stingray leather is a type of exotic leather that comes from the sea ray. Polished stingray leather is treated with a special process that makes it smooth and shiny, enhancing its natural beauty and texture. this leather is soft, durable and elegant, suitable for various products such as wallets, belts, bags and shoes.

Womens Stingray Shoulder Bags

Womens Stingray Shoulder Bags

Ladies Stingray Shoulder Bags

The Stingray Shoulder Bag made from real stingray leather, that provides strength and long-lasting performance. It is a fashion bag, could be used as a fashion daypack, hobo bag, tote bag, shoulder bag and travel bag.

Ladies Shoulder Bags

Weight 0.07 kg

Black, Color 1, Green, Red


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