How Does Aramid Fibre Differ from Carbon Fibre?

aramid fibre iPhone case

Aramid Fibre is a relative newcomer to the world of ultra-protective, totally aesthetic phone cases, but it’s quickly making its mark on the industry. A lot of people, however, still don’t know exactly what aramid fibre is or how it protects your tech. Let’s demystify this incredible material. What Are The Properties of Aramid Fibre? […]

How to Pick the Perfect Phone Case

FEW PEOPLE HAVE greater insight into the follies and foibles of humans than smartphone repair technicians. Sure, Shakespeare is the master when it comes to cutting observations on human nature, but the people who repair our phones see us at our most vulnerable—mangled hardware in palms, usually with some embarrassing and revelatory mistake to confess. […]

Celebrities who surprisingly refuse to bare it all

Some celebrities are completely comfortable with baring it all and feel they have no need for getting body doubles for the more exposed scenes in their films and TV shows. There are, however, other celebrities who are not comfortable with the world seeing everything and have clauses that say as much written into their contracts. Here […]